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Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and the oldest bridge in Prague. It is almost 10m wide, 516m long and rests on 16 arches.
Towers guard both ends of the bridge – the Old Town Bridge Tower and two Malá Strana Bridge Tower.
The bridge is embellished with 30 Baroque statues and sculptural groups from the early 18th century depicting saints, and historical and biblical figures.
Charles Bridge is a popular place among street performers and artists – painters, musicians, dancers, mime artists.

The date and time the first stone was laid was not left to chance. They form the palindrome 1357-9-7531(year 1357, day 9.7., time 5.31).
In 1393 John of Nepomuk, a vicar who refused to betray the confessional secrets of Queen Sofia to Czech King Wenceslas IV was cast from Charles Bridge into the Vltava. In the mid-18th century he was made a saint. On the wall, from which he was thrown, a small brass cross with five stars was erected (between the statue of John the Baptist and statues of St Norbert, St Wenceslas and St Sigmund). According to legend, a person who places his hand on the cross so that each finger touches one of the stars will have a secret wish fulfilled.
There are many mysterious or funny stories connected to the Charles Bridge. The truth is that the construction workers ended up in the 1402. It is hard to estimate, when then went into retirement, but it is clear that the productive life of one man did not cover the entire event. The work, according to archaeological surveys, Judith went over the bridge, respectively on his remains. Although he fell during a flood, but retained part of its structure and thus could at least serve as a wooden footbridge. When the Charles Bridge was completed, it seems the people of Prague had been knocked down.

Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle – this castle holds a number of records. It is the largest castle in the world, entered in the Guinness Book of Records and the most visited Czech monument among tourists. It is also undoubtedly the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic, so visiting it is a ‘duty’ for all tourists.
It is impossible to see all of Prague Castle in one day. There are a number of tours available which you can visit and there are also a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions to be found.

The Golden Lane
The most romantic place in Prague Castle, and possibly the whole of Prague, is the Golden Lane where Emperor Rudolph II’s alchemists used to live. Craftspeople and artists have today returned to the lane, so it is possible to look at and buy their products.

Prague Castle Picture Gallery
Works of art from famed collections of Emperor Rudolph II – works from Titian, von Aachen and Rubens – more than 100 paintings from a total number of 4,000 pictures can be found here.

The Powder Tower
The Powder Tower, which used to serve defensive purposes, was an alchemy laboratory under Rudolph II. You will be sure to notice the Palace Guards on entering the castle. The changing of the guards, a great tourist attraction, takes place every hour. Every day at noon a changing of the guards with full pomp and a military parade is held.
The Royal Summer Palace of Queen Anne
The Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance architecture in Central Europe. You are only able to look inside when one of its many exhibitions are taking place.
Going to the Summer Palace, you will notice the bronze Singing Fountain. It got its name because if you put your ear to the bottom of the bowl, you can hear the note ‘a’. The sound is also reminiscent of the distant ringing of bells.

Explore Talinn

In case you want to experience unique holiday where can combine comforts of modern world, good nightlife and wonderful adventures, then visit Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. It is not a world metropolis, but even if you are there for a few hours, you get a lot of experiences.
Tallinn Old Town is known for authentic Hanseatic architecture. The streets are cobbled and houses date back to 11th century. This all, together with cafés or nice restaurants create nice atmosphere about this medieval town. The advantage is that everything can be reached within a quick walk on food although you can try the tour train Vana Toomas or a bike taxi Veltakso, as well. One of the places which you should not miss is the Town Hall Square – Raekoja plats, the social heard of the city. During the summer there are a lot of outdoor cafes, concerts and fairs while in December it is changed into Christmas Market. The Town Hall, the only intact Gothic town hall in the Northern Europe is now used as a museum and concert hall. There is the oldest continuously working pharmacy in Europe within this square – tiny Raepteek. According to a legend, this is a birthplace for favourite treat marzipan.
Modern business city of Tallinn is just 5 minutes from the Old Town and it is full of modern glass and steel skyscrapers, high-tech hotels, a lot of restaurants, bars, shopping malls and conference centres. The contrast between the old and new is best visible in the skylines of Tallinn. You can take a walk in Kadriorg park, have a coffee in Pirita yacht harbour where you can admire the best view over the bay. The best example of modern architecture is the Rotermann quarter. In the past it was a factory and production area which has been renovated and now there are a lot of boutique shops, hotels, cafes or open air markets.
Comfort and luxury of Tallinn is what you can expect from this modern capital city, within easy reach and reasonable price.