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The mystic city of Genoa

Genoa is a mystic place where the national hero of Italy Guiseppe Garibaldi or Christopher Columbus was born. This city also has a nickname “the Superb one” because of the glorious past and impressive landmarks.

If you want to sense how Genoa teems with unpretentious night life go to Piazza delle Erbe. This small square full of labyrinthine alleys offer bars, restaurants, pizzeria and gelateria. Parts of Genoa´s old city still look and feel like the Middle Ages. The cobblestone alleyways are so narrow that you can stretch out your arms and touch buildings on either side of the streets. “Get lot” and find yourself again in the heart of the old city by San Lorenzo Cathedral which dates back to the 9th century.

In case you want to try little wine after a long day, visit Taggiou which is a place that is guaranteed to whet your palate with a wide variety of white, red and heaping plate of salami and cheese. Popular food include pesto sauce, focaccia, farinata or salsa di noci.

Time to enjoy you can be found in the Aquarium of Genoa which is the second largest in Europe. It is scientific and cultural centre that welcome millions of visitors every year.

Doing the shopping in the design stores is more like going to a museum. Via Garibaldi is for example housed in an old palace. More design products can be found at Compagnia Unica which carries Dior for your closet and Norman Copenhagen for your kitchen.