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The Old Town of Warsaw

It is one of the best tourist attractions in Warsaw. It is because of its beauty and unforgettable atmosphere. A lot of families use this place for a walk on Sunday and young people like it as a dating spot. There are a lot of great restaurants, art galleries as well as street artists or crown pleasers, so you can be sure you will enjoy your time spent here. The restaurants might be a little bit more expensive but take a snack or just have a rest there will allow you to take its atmosphere.

The whole square was reconstructed after the World War II, but the Renaissance – era look can still be seen there. Each building shows something about its history or significance, so have a look closely at the architectural details when you are there.

The mermaid is a symbol of the city and it can be found in the middle of the square. However, the statue was not always situated there. It is the legend of her that connects her with the city heart. The legend says that in the past this place was just a forest where a fisherman lived. He liked fishing at night as at that time the river was very peaceful. Once he caught a beautiful mermaid. Her name was Sawa. She was scared, but she started singing and her voice was so beautiful that he released her. The both fell in love with each other, so they got married and lived very long. The place where they met was later founded as a city and called Warszawa.

There are a lot of interesting legends connected with Old Town. So, for sure this place deserves to be explored when you are there.

Enjoy your trip to Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital and the biggest city in Poland. The city has a big character which you would expect of a capital and a skyline to prove it – one that´s dominated by modern skyscrapers and the Gotham City – like Palace of Culture. There is no escaping the fast pace of business, sophisticated nightlife and elegant dining.
Most of the major sightseeing attractions are located in the centre area. Investigate the Palace of Culture and Science, Bank Square and The Church of Artists or take a stroll around The Old Town which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. For a taste of history, go to the Warsaw Uprising Museum or the National Museum. For those ones who love nature, it is great to have the opportunity to visit one of the many parks inside and around the city, for instance Krasinski Park. The Old Town offers beautiful gardens where you can relax.
Warsaw is home to over 30 major theatres, including the National Theatre and the Grand theatre. However, it also hosts many events and festivals, like the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition or Warsaw Summer Jazz Days.
If you wish to purchase souvenirs and browse around shops, visit the Zlote Tarasy Shopping centre. Warsaw´s Arkadia is famous for being one of the largest malls in Europe.
The city has become tourist friendly over the years, so there can be found five-star hotels as well as student hostels. However, it is good to book accommodation in advance.
Eating out includes traditional Polish cuisine, food from around the world at many restaurants which can suit all tastes. The cheapest – Milk Bars – are an attraction offering a slice of years past. Sweet is one of the culinary symbols. For sure, you should try “Zygmuntówka”, jelly-filled doughnuts from Klikkle or Wedel chocolate.
It does not matter what is the reason of your visit, Warsaw will for sure make an impression upon you.