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Explore Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is full of things to see and do – including visiting museums, churches and castles, taking nature walks or going on historical tours. Every country and city in Eastern Europe has sights that every visitor should see. Some are well-known and hard to miss. Others are off the beaten path.
Romance and history is what is there for you when you visit one of Eastern Europe´s castles or palaces. A lot of royal residences have now been renovated and turned into museums full of riches, art masterpieces and curiosities. In addition, most of them are hotels now which welcome visitors all over the year.
There are over 60 castle and palace hotels which are unique in locales or amenities and where you can enjoy stay surrounded by history, charm and old-world luxury. The most famous are: Paszkowka Palace Hotel, Reszel Castle Hotel, Dwor Oliwski Hotel Inn.
Hungarian Castle hotels – you can spend your vacation on vintner´s estate far from the noise and bustle of the city. You can enjoy outdoors by taking tours, go horse riding or going for a walk in a garden. The most famous are: Kastely Hotel Szirak or Hungary Castel Hotel Sasvar.
Similar kind of accommodation can be found in any of the countries in Eastern Europe. However, going for holiday is not only about accommodation. It is also about eating out. This can be one of the best experiences, mainly if you look for restaurants that serve traditional Eastern Europe cuisine.
Shopping is also important for some people because shopping for antiques or just picking up some souvenirs can be a really good way how to fill in your afternoon. On the other hand, if you do your shopping in markets, be mindful of your wallet or bag. Pickpockets are prevalent and practiced, so always make sure the strap of your bag or walk with your bag in front of your body.
Wherever you go in Eastern Europe, be sure you will have a holiday of your life-time which you will recommend to your friends.

St. Basil´s Cathedral in Moscow

St. Basil´s Cathedral is one of the most recognisable buildings in the whole Russia. It is situated in the south-east end on the Red Square. The building is a great mixture of western and eastern architecture. It is mostly known as St. Basil´s Cathedral, but the official name is “The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat”. The popular alternative is Basil the Blessed.
The Cathedral was ordered by Ivan the Terrible, but nothing is known about the builders, Barma and Postnik, except their names and some legends. Moreover architectural specialists still are unable to agree about the governing idea which is hidden behind the structure. The creators could pay homage to the churches of Jerusalem or building eight churches around a central ninth can represent the medieval symbol of the eight-pointed star. Although the towers and domes appear chaotic, there is symmetry and symbolism in its design. In addition, originally the Cathedral was all while to match the white-stone Kremlin. The most interesting chapel is the main one, which contains a 19th century baroque iconostasis.
During the time of Soviet Union there was a talk of demolishing the cathedral because it hindered Stalin´s plans for massed parades on the Red Square. In the end it was saved thanks to the courage of the architect Pyotr Baranovsky who refused categorically to demolish it and sent the Kremlin an extremely blunt telegram, so the Cathedral remains standing. However, Baranovsky was sentenced for five years in prison.
At present the Cathedral is a museum. A spiral staircase was discovered in the 1970s within one of the walls during restoration work. So, visitors take tour into the central church, but they can also walk along the narrow, winding gallery, covered in beautiful patterned paintwork.
The opening hours are daily from 11.00 to 17.00, but it is closed on Tuesdays.

The Red Square in Moscow

Red Square is a place which for sure should not be omitted to visit when you come to Moscow. There are a lot of things that people can do in and around this square. Most of them do not want to miss the chance to see Lenin´s Mausoleum. This place was built to revere the founder of Socialism – a system which is already dead, but for sure it will not be forgotten.
The history of Red Square dates back to 15th century and originally it was called Trinity Square after the Trinity Cathedral which used to stand in the place where we can find the St. Basil Cathedral at present. Over the years the square has become the equivalent to ancient Rome´s Forum – a meeting place for people. But not only this, it has also been a place for celebrating religious festival, for public gathering, for listening to Government announcements and even watching executions.
St. Basil´s Cathedral is another must to see as for many people it is an architectural symbol of Russia. Its domes, cupolas, arches, towers and spires inspires in real life as well as in photos.
State History Museum has a huge collection of artefacts charting Russia´s past back to the Stone Age. You can also find the famous 1 Red Square restaurant inside.
Kremlin – your visit would not be complete without visiting the seat of the Russia´s government. You can spend the whole afternoon there. Constructed from the 15th century right up to the 20th, you will find a number of bold and grandiose architectural styles in these edifices which combine to reflect the glory of Russia through ages.
If you want to escape cold, go to the GUM Department Store which is the largest in Russia and a great place for you to do luxury shopping.
It is for sure worth to let yourself be impressed by the Red Square and feel the special energy of it.

Explore Moscow – the capital of Russia

Moscow is the biggest city in Russia and Europe. A city in which there is a fascinating atmosphere, where the history is connected with modern times. While walking through this city you should not miss some places that make this city so interesting and unique. One of them is the Red Square that is called the main square of Moscow and Russia. A building which can be found here is Lenin´s Mausoleum where the body of this great leader is placed.
For sure, every visitor should see the St.Basil´s Cathedral. The architecture is really fascinating. The same it is about the State historical museum that is situated in the north of the square and seems to be like from a fairy tale.
The Moscow Kremlin is a historic fortified complex in the heart of the city. It includes four palaces, four cathedrals and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. Nowadays the complex serves as the official residence of the President.
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is the largest museum of European art in Moscow. This museum offers an unforgettable experience. Thousand years old paintings as well as beautiful pieces of French impressionists – you will find everything here.
In case you travel to Russia in winter, be prepared for freezing cold weather. However, it is one of the best views to see the Red Square covered with snow. The best how to get there is by plane. Moscow belongs to the cities which offer a lot of opportunities regarding accommodation, mainly if you look for really luxurious hotels. The best is to book your hotel in advance, so you can be sure that it will be the right quality of service and position within the city.
Moscow is a city with rich cultural and political past. This place is lively and very popular by tourists, a city with wonderful magic that is able to impress any visitor.

A Trip to Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is situated in the middle of taiga lowlands along the shores of the Neva Bay and islands of the river delta. This city is fast, cheap and unbelievably deep. It is considered this city is a cultural metropolis with a lot of cultural events all year round. Famous Kirov ballet and Opera society show their performances in the unique theatre Mariinsky. If this is not your cup of tea, you can try any of the night clubs which are usually open until early in the morning and during the White nights they are open all day long.
Admiralty building is one of the sights which should be seen. It was the main navy staff and now it is a navy university. However, the most important sight of Saint Petersburg is the Alexander Nevsky Monastery – the oldest and most important monastery of the city.
Peter and Paul Fortress is the oldest building in the city. In the past it defended the city and it was a jail as well where a lot of political prisoners served their sentences.
There are more than two hundred museums in this city, a lot of them in historical buildings. The largest one is the Hermitage Museum. The Kunstkamera collects curiosities from all over the world and it is sometimes considered as the first museum in Russia.
The last ten days in June are called White nights and people in Saint Petersburg celebrate till early in the morning. It is a famous festival of dance which includes performances from folk to ballet.
If you prefer shopping, than this city is the right one for you. You can buy whatever here, from valuable china to cheap boxes. Doll in dolls are everywhere. Original products can be found in Lomonosov factory. There is also increasing number of luxurious shopping malls with French, Italian or Russian haute couture.
The best accommodation in the newest and the most expensive hotels can be found in the centre. The biggest hotels from the past are father from the centre and also from the public transport. Official prices are always high. Discounts are possible if you book online or using travel agency.
Saint Petersburg is a mixture of styles and life extremes. It is wonderful and sad crumbling away at the same time. However, it is worth to see it.

What Russia has to offer

Russia – for centuries people have wondered what to believe about this country. It has been reported variously as a land of unbelievably rich people, indescribable poverty, cruel tyrants and great minds. Furthermore generous hospitality, beautiful ballets, industrial monstrosities, pious faith and unabridged hedonism can also be seen here.
Nature of Russia varies from icy tundra, fir forests, deep mysterious lakes, snow-capped mountains to sun-kissed beaches. Ancient fortresses, luxurious palaces, swirly spired churches and lost-in-time villages – this all can show you how amazing Russia can be.
However, never travel to Russia without visa. For your trip start with the capital city, Moscow, historic St.Petersburg and beautiful Lake Baikal. Dive further into the country and visit golden sands of the Prussian resort of Zelenogradsk in the far western Kaliningrad Region, the charming Volga river village of Goroders, home to folk artists and honey-cake bakers or location of the wacky Chess City, the 400 years old mausoleums of Dargavs, a North Ossetian “city of dead”, or the hot springs of kamchatka´s Nalychevo Valley in the Russian far East.
If you like history, you should not miss the Kremlin where you can see the Diamond collection. Tretyakov Gallery is recognized as one of the world´s best museums due to having all Russian artworks. You can also go shopping to Old and New Arbat Street which are full of restaurants and cafes if you get hungry strolling along these streets. Garkov Park is one of the famous parks of Moscow. There are many rides in the theme park; people take leisurely walk along the park´s charming pond. During winter, there is a competition in ice sculpting as well as people skiing across the frozen pond. Peter and Paul Fortress – this is the resting place of the Romanov Czars. If you know the history of the Romanovs, then you will surely enjoy the place more than any other. You should not miss the church there.