The Red Square in Moscow

Red Square is a place which for sure should not be omitted to visit when you come to Moscow. There are a lot of things that people can do in and around this square. Most of them do not want to miss the chance to see Lenin´s Mausoleum. This place was built to revere the founder of Socialism – a system which is already dead, but for sure it will not be forgotten.
The history of Red Square dates back to 15th century and originally it was called Trinity Square after the Trinity Cathedral which used to stand in the place where we can find the St. Basil Cathedral at present. Over the years the square has become the equivalent to ancient Rome´s Forum – a meeting place for people. But not only this, it has also been a place for celebrating religious festival, for public gathering, for listening to Government announcements and even watching executions.
St. Basil´s Cathedral is another must to see as for many people it is an architectural symbol of Russia. Its domes, cupolas, arches, towers and spires inspires in real life as well as in photos.
State History Museum has a huge collection of artefacts charting Russia´s past back to the Stone Age. You can also find the famous 1 Red Square restaurant inside.
Kremlin – your visit would not be complete without visiting the seat of the Russia´s government. You can spend the whole afternoon there. Constructed from the 15th century right up to the 20th, you will find a number of bold and grandiose architectural styles in these edifices which combine to reflect the glory of Russia through ages.
If you want to escape cold, go to the GUM Department Store which is the largest in Russia and a great place for you to do luxury shopping.
It is for sure worth to let yourself be impressed by the Red Square and feel the special energy of it.