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Visit and enjoy Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city which can suit every taste and interest. Besides being the capital of Denmark, it is also the cultural and trade centre where the Little Mermaid can be seen.

Tivoli is a famous amusement park and gardens which is more than 100 years old. The gardens display a wealth of flowers and thousands of light sparkle from the trees can be seen at night.

In 1909 Carl Jacobsen, the founder of the Carlsberg Breweries, attended the Royal Theatre to see The Little Mermaid ballet based on the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. He was so deeply moved by the performance that he commissioned the sculptor Edvard Eriksen to create a statue of the mermaid which was then presented at Langelinie waterfront in 1913. Every year her birthday is celebrated with balloons, music and mermaids.

The city is speckled with palaces, especially the marvellous Rosenborg Castle. A favourite of visitors is the castle´s Royal Collections which include the Crown Jewels. After checking out the exhibits, make sure to take some time to unwind in the King´s Garden.

The largest shopping area is centred on Stoget which is in the heart of the city and the world´s longest pedestrian with a wealth of shops, from budget-friendly shops to world´s most expensive brands.

Regarding the nightlife, the city offers anything from mainstream discos, through glamorous venues and underground clubs. Go to Karrierebar in the Meatpacking District. Norrebro and especially Sankt Hans Torv is a guarantee for a good time with cocktail bars clubs and discos.