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Kiel is a must see

Kiel is a town where you should definitely go if you love sailing. There are a lot of sailing events from which the best known is called Kiel Week. This event takes place between 17th and 25th June and it is a celebration of warm weather, seaside living and all above sailing.

Laboe Naval Memorial includes underground memorial room and a museum detailing the history of the German Navy. It was completed in 1936 and the tower of it is 72 m high. Since 1950s it is a memorial for sailors of all nationalities who died in the World Wars.

Kiel Botanical Gardens contains 14 000 plant species from all over the world. The green houses cover over 2 000 square metres and each one represents a different climate. Outside there are areas of heath, moor, dune, salt meadow, pond and ountain as well as rose and flower beds and an arboretum.

Grusellabyrinth is a dark world which is full of goose skin and scary beautiful atmosphere. So, if you like adrenalin, you are kidnapped by the scythe man into the realm of horror. 3 attractions and an exclusive Buffet restaurant expect you and offer to you magic morbid maintenance.

If you are looking for shopping centre next to the sea, than go to Sophienhof which is next to the sea and only a few minutes away from the harbour and the central station.

In Kiel you can combine beach holidays with a city trip including shopping expedition. Moreover, there is a considerable offer of cultural events.