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Explore Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is full of things to see and do – including visiting museums, churches and castles, taking nature walks or going on historical tours. Every country and city in Eastern Europe has sights that every visitor should see. Some are well-known and hard to miss. Others are off the beaten path.
Romance and history is what is there for you when you visit one of Eastern Europe´s castles or palaces. A lot of royal residences have now been renovated and turned into museums full of riches, art masterpieces and curiosities. In addition, most of them are hotels now which welcome visitors all over the year.
There are over 60 castle and palace hotels which are unique in locales or amenities and where you can enjoy stay surrounded by history, charm and old-world luxury. The most famous are: Paszkowka Palace Hotel, Reszel Castle Hotel, Dwor Oliwski Hotel Inn.
Hungarian Castle hotels – you can spend your vacation on vintner´s estate far from the noise and bustle of the city. You can enjoy outdoors by taking tours, go horse riding or going for a walk in a garden. The most famous are: Kastely Hotel Szirak or Hungary Castel Hotel Sasvar.
Similar kind of accommodation can be found in any of the countries in Eastern Europe. However, going for holiday is not only about accommodation. It is also about eating out. This can be one of the best experiences, mainly if you look for restaurants that serve traditional Eastern Europe cuisine.
Shopping is also important for some people because shopping for antiques or just picking up some souvenirs can be a really good way how to fill in your afternoon. On the other hand, if you do your shopping in markets, be mindful of your wallet or bag. Pickpockets are prevalent and practiced, so always make sure the strap of your bag or walk with your bag in front of your body.
Wherever you go in Eastern Europe, be sure you will have a holiday of your life-time which you will recommend to your friends.