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Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle – this castle holds a number of records. It is the largest castle in the world, entered in the Guinness Book of Records and the most visited Czech monument among tourists. It is also undoubtedly the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic, so visiting it is a ‘duty’ for all tourists.
It is impossible to see all of Prague Castle in one day. There are a number of tours available which you can visit and there are also a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions to be found.

The Golden Lane
The most romantic place in Prague Castle, and possibly the whole of Prague, is the Golden Lane where Emperor Rudolph II’s alchemists used to live. Craftspeople and artists have today returned to the lane, so it is possible to look at and buy their products.

Prague Castle Picture Gallery
Works of art from famed collections of Emperor Rudolph II – works from Titian, von Aachen and Rubens – more than 100 paintings from a total number of 4,000 pictures can be found here.

The Powder Tower
The Powder Tower, which used to serve defensive purposes, was an alchemy laboratory under Rudolph II. You will be sure to notice the Palace Guards on entering the castle. The changing of the guards, a great tourist attraction, takes place every hour. Every day at noon a changing of the guards with full pomp and a military parade is held.
The Royal Summer Palace of Queen Anne
The Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance architecture in Central Europe. You are only able to look inside when one of its many exhibitions are taking place.
Going to the Summer Palace, you will notice the bronze Singing Fountain. It got its name because if you put your ear to the bottom of the bowl, you can hear the note ‘a’. The sound is also reminiscent of the distant ringing of bells.

Visit and enjoy Prague

Prague, a really beautiful city, which is full with unique objects, that cannot compete with any other city in Europe or even in the world. People living in Prague often pass without noticing them. Are you curious which are they?
Prague castle – did you know that it is the largest castle unit in the world? The length is 570 metres and the width is 130 metres. It offers one of the most wonderful views of the world.
The net of municipal pneumatic post is the best preserved in the world. Although it was slightly damaged during the floods nine years ago, it can still be used. This system was started in 1899 and twenty years ago it was able to transport 9 000 capsules a month.
Oppidum called “Závist (envy)” – this area was settled in the 6th century BC by Celts. The biggest area was achieved in the 2nd century BC. With its area of 118 hectare it belongs to the most monumental Celt fortresses in Europe where 1500-3500 people lived. If we consider there were 100 thousands inhabitants in Bohemia, it was really a lot.
While going along the streets in Prague, only a few people know that they walk above the most modern collectors in the world. The tunnels are approximately 30 metres under the road. These technical net is so large that a small train can go through them. They have been built since 1969 and now they achieve the length of 90 kilometres.
In addition, you can get to know Prague´s historical sites in a way like you never knew them before – you can spend a wonderful day with a cruise on the Vltava. History lovers will be excited by 90 minutes cruise by boat or steamer. You will get to see all of the major sights and you will discover the hidden charms of Charles Bridge, The National Theatre, Prague Castle and many other monuments from the decks of a boat.