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Sleeping in Istanbul

Accommodation in Istanbul covers the full range of lodgings, from luxury palace hotels through charming, historic inns to simple, but clean and cheap pensions and hostels or even rental villas and apartments.

Five-star hotels offer luxury and all services, especially when they are connected with worldwide chains. However, they are more expensive than the local chains which offer a bit less class but better value. Breakfast is definitely not included in the normal rates and costs for them may be amazing in many cases. On the other hand breakfast can be included into package deals.

Four-star hotels are very comfortable, mainly local hotels which are actually independent or small Turkish chains. The staff is usually multilingual, they have nice restaurants, bars and offer very good breakfast.

Three – star hotels often offer rooms with satellite TV, minibars or even swimming pools and nightclubs. They can be rather found in smaller cities and resorts.

Two or one star hotels are very simple, homey very often like a European pension. They do not offer a lot of services. However, Wifi Internet, TV in the lounge, clean rooms with private shower and simple breakfast may be found there.

It is recommended to book a room in advance especially if you travel to Istanbul in spring and autumn as they are the busiest times. Have in mind that several months in advance are not too early to reserve. At this time you also have to expect higher prices.

The best way how to accommodate is to reserve at least the first night or two of your stay as the day you arrive will be confusing and time-consuming enough without having to look at several hotels to find the room you want at a price you want to pay. Even when it happens the hotel you booked is not what you want, you can always find another one and you do not have to search for it the first night you arrive when you are tired and totally unfamiliar with the new place.

This is Istanbul

Istanbul belongs to the largest cities and it is divided into a European side and an Asian side. The best time to visit this beautiful city is in spring or autumn when the city is filled with festivals. However, if you like hot weather and sun then summer time is better for you. On the other side if you want to experience something unique, then winter is also great as it is enlivened by magical snow falls.

During the golden days of the Ottoman Empire, extravagant celebrations were held on every possible occasion, with the sultan providing most of the excuses. For the circumcision of the three sons of the sultan Suleiman, tents sewn with tulips were raised on gold-plated poles at the Hippodrome. People were entertained by tightrope walkers on a cord stretched from the Egyptian Obelisk at its centre.

Within the 20th century new holidays were added, mostly those heavily marketed like Valentine´s Day, Mother´s Day or even Christmas which naturally tends to get confused with New Year´s Day which is given by the fact that more than 95 per cent of the population is Muslim.

The recent years have brought the full –blown festive spirit back. At present, except winter, there is a festival of some kind every month. The city´s youthful population gives these events dynamism. Many of these events are superbly managed and promoted by the Istanbul Foundation for Arts and Cultures which consistently attracts a roster of international big names.

The main event in the Islamic calendar is Kurban Bayrami which can be translated as the Feast of the Sacrifice. It marks Abraham´s near sacrifice of Isaac. Traditionally, families buy a kurban which could be a sheep, bull goat or came and they sacrifice it on the first or second day of the feast. Afterwards they share this meat with relatives, neighbours and the poor.