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Warsaw – The Palace on Water

This is the second name for the Lazienki Palace. In the past in was a bathhouse which was built on an islet in the middle of a lake for powerful aristocrat Stanislaw Hraklisz Lubomirski. I was fully remodelled between 1764 and 1795 to fulfil need of Stanislaw August Poniatowski for a private residence where he wanted to relax. He was a patron of the arts, so the interior of the palace hides a really great collection of arts which luckily survived.

As the palace is in the middle of a lake, the lake is divided into two parts, northern lake and southern lake connected by two Ionic colonnaded bridges to the rest of the park.

On the ground floor there is the Bacchus Room which is decorated with 17th century Dutch blue tiles and paintings from Jacob Jordaens. There is also the Dining Room where the famous Thursday dinners took place where the most important and notable members from the era of Enlightenment in Poland were invited. In the central part of the palace, the Rotunda can be find that was designed by Domenico Merlini and shows figures of the Polish kings. This part is one of the most important examples of neoclassical decoration in the palace. From this place you can come to the Bath Room where the Dutch blue tiles from 17th century can be found as well as China vases and the stucco ornaments from the Baroque era.

There were a lot of balls, formal dinners and masquerades which were held in the Ballroom.

The first floor is where the royal apartments, upper picture gallery, the balcony room, the king’s cabinet, the royal bed chambers, the cloakroom and the officer’s room can be found.

Beautiful Warsaw Sights

Royal Castle

This castle was built in the 15th century and it used to be residence of Mazovian princes.. The castle was completely destroyed during the World War II, but between 1971-1988 it was rebuilt. The museum offers attractions such as original Rembrandt paintings or works by Bernard Bellotto.

On there Vistula side there are arcades which support the foundation and the cliffs. The also give the structure to its shape. The arcades were not destroyed during the war, so they are original. At present there are archaeological exhibits and pension.


This castle was designed by Jakub Kubicki and formerly it was just a villa. After the World War I it was used as a seat of the President. At present it is mostly used for ceremonial military events and diplomatic meetings with leaders of foreign countries.

Cathedral Basilica of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

Before the 14th century, it was just a wooden chapel. This basilica has witnessed many historic events, for example the coronation of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski, or weddings, coronations and royal funerals which were held here. It is a very important fact that the first European Constitution was sworn here in 1791. During the past years, the church became an important centre where sacred music is promoted and organ concerts are held in the summer.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This basilica is one of the most impressive buildings which can be found in Warsaw. The erection was initiated by Princess Maria Radziwillowa. The founder got the blessing of Pope Pius X as well as the hand-written document by the Holy Father which is carefully kept int he archives of the parish. The wish of the Princess was that the centre would also be an educational centre for children, so in 1931 the church was taken by the Salesians. At present there are many charity activities. It is also a Catholic Guidance and Couseling Centre where volunteers help those ones in need.