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Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and the oldest bridge in Prague. It is almost 10m wide, 516m long and rests on 16 arches.
Towers guard both ends of the bridge – the Old Town Bridge Tower and two Malá Strana Bridge Tower.
The bridge is embellished with 30 Baroque statues and sculptural groups from the early 18th century depicting saints, and historical and biblical figures.
Charles Bridge is a popular place among street performers and artists – painters, musicians, dancers, mime artists.

The date and time the first stone was laid was not left to chance. They form the palindrome 1357-9-7531(year 1357, day 9.7., time 5.31).
In 1393 John of Nepomuk, a vicar who refused to betray the confessional secrets of Queen Sofia to Czech King Wenceslas IV was cast from Charles Bridge into the Vltava. In the mid-18th century he was made a saint. On the wall, from which he was thrown, a small brass cross with five stars was erected (between the statue of John the Baptist and statues of St Norbert, St Wenceslas and St Sigmund). According to legend, a person who places his hand on the cross so that each finger touches one of the stars will have a secret wish fulfilled.
There are many mysterious or funny stories connected to the Charles Bridge. The truth is that the construction workers ended up in the 1402. It is hard to estimate, when then went into retirement, but it is clear that the productive life of one man did not cover the entire event. The work, according to archaeological surveys, Judith went over the bridge, respectively on his remains. Although he fell during a flood, but retained part of its structure and thus could at least serve as a wooden footbridge. When the Charles Bridge was completed, it seems the people of Prague had been knocked down.

Visit and enjoy Prague

Prague, a really beautiful city, which is full with unique objects, that cannot compete with any other city in Europe or even in the world. People living in Prague often pass without noticing them. Are you curious which are they?
Prague castle – did you know that it is the largest castle unit in the world? The length is 570 metres and the width is 130 metres. It offers one of the most wonderful views of the world.
The net of municipal pneumatic post is the best preserved in the world. Although it was slightly damaged during the floods nine years ago, it can still be used. This system was started in 1899 and twenty years ago it was able to transport 9 000 capsules a month.
Oppidum called “Závist (envy)” – this area was settled in the 6th century BC by Celts. The biggest area was achieved in the 2nd century BC. With its area of 118 hectare it belongs to the most monumental Celt fortresses in Europe where 1500-3500 people lived. If we consider there were 100 thousands inhabitants in Bohemia, it was really a lot.
While going along the streets in Prague, only a few people know that they walk above the most modern collectors in the world. The tunnels are approximately 30 metres under the road. These technical net is so large that a small train can go through them. They have been built since 1969 and now they achieve the length of 90 kilometres.
In addition, you can get to know Prague´s historical sites in a way like you never knew them before – you can spend a wonderful day with a cruise on the Vltava. History lovers will be excited by 90 minutes cruise by boat or steamer. You will get to see all of the major sights and you will discover the hidden charms of Charles Bridge, The National Theatre, Prague Castle and many other monuments from the decks of a boat.

Explore the beautiful Czech Republic

A historic jewel at the heart of Europe – this is the Czech Republic. This country has everything – fairy-tale castles and medieval towns as well as spa resorts and scenic national parks. The Czech Republic is also considered as the birthplace of some of the world´s finest beer. These are just a few reasons why you should visit this wonderful place.
Castles and Chateaux

If there is a place in the world that truly deserves to be called the „country of castles and chateaux“, it is undoubtedly the Czech Republic. There are literally hundreds of magnificent castles, glorious chateaux, ruins and fortresses. The Czechs are very proud of this legacy and visiting them is one of the country’s most popular pastimes.
The most popular are: Prague Castle,Ceský Krumlov, Lednice, Karlštejn, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Konopište, Křivoklát, Kromeříž, Sychrov, etc…

There is a great number of magnificent monuments in the Czech Republic, all part of its rich history, showing the great cultural tradition of the country. The map of the Czech Republic is full of preserved historical towns, old castles, glamorous chateaux, magnificent cathedrals and beautifully decorated churches. However, 12 of the places have more than that. They are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List: Ceský Krumlov, Historical centre of Prague, Holašovice, Kromeříž, Kutná Horá, Litomyšl Chateau, Telc, The Holy trinity Column in Olomouc, The Lednice-Valtice Area, The Pilgrimage church of St.John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora, The Villa Tugendhat, Třebíc.

Accommodation in the Czech Republic corresponds to the standards of European countries. It is possible here to find cheap accommodation for students on their travels and also top-quality luxury accommodation in hotel suites.
Hotels are designated one to five stars and classification is no different from that in the surrounding countries. Hotels are common in every city and also in areas frequently visited by tourists, for example near lakes or in the mountains.
Special types of accommodation
The Czech Republic is famous for its medieval castles and chateaux. Many of them offer luxury accommodation programmes in chateau apartments.