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What Russia has to offer

Russia – for centuries people have wondered what to believe about this country. It has been reported variously as a land of unbelievably rich people, indescribable poverty, cruel tyrants and great minds. Furthermore generous hospitality, beautiful ballets, industrial monstrosities, pious faith and unabridged hedonism can also be seen here.
Nature of Russia varies from icy tundra, fir forests, deep mysterious lakes, snow-capped mountains to sun-kissed beaches. Ancient fortresses, luxurious palaces, swirly spired churches and lost-in-time villages – this all can show you how amazing Russia can be.
However, never travel to Russia without visa. For your trip start with the capital city, Moscow, historic St.Petersburg and beautiful Lake Baikal. Dive further into the country and visit golden sands of the Prussian resort of Zelenogradsk in the far western Kaliningrad Region, the charming Volga river village of Goroders, home to folk artists and honey-cake bakers or location of the wacky Chess City, the 400 years old mausoleums of Dargavs, a North Ossetian “city of dead”, or the hot springs of kamchatka´s Nalychevo Valley in the Russian far East.
If you like history, you should not miss the Kremlin where you can see the Diamond collection. Tretyakov Gallery is recognized as one of the world´s best museums due to having all Russian artworks. You can also go shopping to Old and New Arbat Street which are full of restaurants and cafes if you get hungry strolling along these streets. Garkov Park is one of the famous parks of Moscow. There are many rides in the theme park; people take leisurely walk along the park´s charming pond. During winter, there is a competition in ice sculpting as well as people skiing across the frozen pond. Peter and Paul Fortress – this is the resting place of the Romanov Czars. If you know the history of the Romanovs, then you will surely enjoy the place more than any other. You should not miss the church there.