Welcome to Estonia

Estonia – the north-eastern edge of European Union where the language is a nightmare to learn. Almost 50% of the country is forest with 1500 islands. The winters are freezing cold with a lot of beautiful snow.
If you are culturally passionate, you will for sure love all events which can be visited in Estonia because its cultural heritage is full of surprising contrasts coming from exotic to the heroic as well as from the romantic to the modern. Plenty of exciting events, exhibitions, theatre performances, festival and concerts can be visited all year round.
If you are more for historical sights, then visit the wonderful manors that were built across Estonia. Some of them have fallen already into ruins, but a lot of them have been reconstructed and now they are really popular by tourists. Increasing number of the manor houses have been converted into luxury hotels which are set in beautiful grounds and are known for their excellent restaurants, for instance Pädaste Manor on the Muhu Island, The Ammende Villa in Pärnu or Sagadi.
If you are more for relax and spa then Estonia is the right country for you. Seaside resorts and island spas offer a wide range of medical, relaxation and recreational procedures such as mud wraps, chocolate massages and salt treatments. The most popular spas are located in Pärnu, Haapsalu, Kuressaare or Värska.
In case you belong to bargain hunters, then you will for sure love shopping in this country because luxury items, alcohol or handcrafts are cheaper the in most countries of the EU. Do not forget to buy something from the food production – chocolate, preserves, milk products or smoked sausages. Food and sweets are great souvenirs for friends or family back home.
Do you like betting like Estonians? Then the casinos in Estonia will be the right for you. The best one is the Reval Part Hotel in Tallinn. Outside casinos the other legal options for you are betting on horses, scratch cards or stock market.