Sights in Stockholm

Stockholm has already 750 year long history and rich cultural life. This city offers a wide selection of museums and attractions. Most of these attractions can be reached on foot, so you can easily experience many things in a really short time.
One of the most famous silhouettes of the city, is the City hall which is one of the country´s leading examples of national romanticism in architecture at the same time. It was built in 1923 with using eight million bricks. The 106 meter tall tower has the three crowns that is the Swedish national coat or arms. The City hall is open to the public only through guided tours which are held daily at certain hours and you can enjoy them in Swedish or English language. During the same time you can also climb up inside the tower and enjoy the fantastic view over the city.
The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe. It is the official residence of His Majesty. It has more than 600 rooms. The Palace is open to the public and offers fine museums. The most of the palace was built in 18th century. You can visit the reception rooms; see the Queen´s silver throne and Halls of the Orders of Chivalry. It also contains the Armoury with royal costume and armour as well as coronation carriages and magnificent coaches from Royal Stable.
The Vasa Museum is the only preserved 17th century ship in the world, so it is a unique art treasure at the same time. More than 95 percent of the ship is original. The whole ship is 69 meters long decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. It sank in 1628 in the middle of Stockholm during its maiden voyage.
Gamla Stan is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. It was founded in 1252. All of Gamla stan is like a living pedestrian- friendly museum which is full of sights, restaurants, attractions, cafés, bars and places where you can go shopping. The narrow cobbled winding streets are full of buildings in so many different shades of gold and give this place a really unique character. During the snowy winter days you feel it like being in a story book when you are here.