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Enjoy your Stay in Bratislava

Known as Pressburg to German-speakers or Pozsony to Hungarian-speakers, Bratislava got its present name only 90 years ago. Despite this fact the city has a long and proud history that dates back to pre-Roman times. In spite of its exciting history, Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in the world and its population is also very young. The modern metropolis is opened to Europe and to the world as proved by the increasing number of foreign visitors. They are attracted by the cosiness of the rather small city that nevertheless possesses a throbbing social life and historic charms combined with the most recent trends. Palaces, modern shopping and trade centres, admirable arts of the Slovak cooks and brewers, friendly people and various international cultural or sport events, exhibitions are the reasons why it is worth to visit.

Of course there are sights which are known by a lot of people, but beside them there are curiosities which cannot be found anywhere else in the world:

A unique Bratislava curiosity: no other city in the world has a statue emerging from a manhole. After Rubberneck had lost his head twice due to careless drivers city councillors decided to help him by erecting a road sign to warn drivers: another world-first…

Schöne Náci
This statue commemorates a unique figure in Bratislava’s history. Not a statesman, a sportsman or soldier: instead, the Schöner Naci, whose real name was Ignác Lamár, is remembered for being one of Bratislava’s social institutions. Born in 1897, he was famous for wandering the streets of the city, elegant in morning suit and top hat. He would frequently doff his hat to the ladies he passed and offer them flowers or a song.

Passers-by in Bratislava’s old town are drawn to this life-sized statue of a paparazzo celebrity photographer. Peering around a corner into Laurinská Street and holding a camera in his hands, he seems to be in the process of photographing some member of Bratislava’s high society emerging from the eponymous bar next door.

Napoleon´s Soldier
One of Bratislava’s most popular photo opportunities is this bronze statue of a Napoleonic soldier leaning over a bench the old town’s Hlavné námestie (Main Square). Its creator is the sculptor Juraj Meliš. Napoleon’s troops came to Bratislava on two occasions. The first was in December 1805, when 300 riders and 9,000 infantrymen marched through the streets of the city after Napoleon’s victory at the Battle of Austerlitz resulted in a treaty known as the Peace of Pressburg, which was signed in the Mirror Hall of the Primatial Palace. Napoleon himself entered the city after the conclusion of a subsequent peace.

Bratislava has accommodation for everyone, whatever your budget is. More than 70 accommodation facilities provide services in various categories and standards. The more luxurious ones are in the city centre, many of which are right in the old town pedestrian zone. However, more economical guesthouses and hostels can also be found in the centre. It is recommended to book well in advance because of Bratislava’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, so there is rising occupancy level at its hotels.

Cuisine in Bratislava
Do you know that the streets of the Old Town district have been referred to as “one big restaurant”? Sample a nobler atmosphere reminiscent of old ‘Prešporok’ in the restaurants Au Café or Leberfinger. You can enjoy a breath-taking view of the city from the Veža restaurant in the broadcasting tower on Kamzík hill or from the UFO restaurant on top of the Nový Most Bridge overlooking the Danube. You can find cuisine from all over the world in Bratislava. Healthy Italian fare is particularly popular, with numerous quality venues to be found in the city centre: Due Amici, Al Dente, Aglio Olio, Antica Toscana, Flowers. Why not try the largest pizza in the city at Pizza Mizza. For Greek cuisine you can visit Taverna, or sample Arabic food at Samir, Cuban fare at Malecón, or get a taste of Mexico at Hacienda Mexicana. Sushi bars can be found on Gorkého Street (Kikaku) and on Panská Street (Tokyo). Enjoy Chinese food in the centre at Bambusová záhrada, Jasmín and Hua Li Gong. For an Argentinean steak you should go to El Gaucho, while fish dishes are particularly popular at Fish Gate, Kogo, or on the moored boat Kriváň. Top quality international cuisine is offered by Alizé, Camouflage, Caribic’s, Paparazzi and Le Monde.