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Explore the culture of Rome

Rome is also called the „Eternal city“ and belongs to one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has been the centre of power, culture and religion which is world-known for its palaces, millennium-old churches and basilicas, grand romantic ruins, opulent monuments, ornate statues and graceful fountains. It is one of the most visited, famous and beautiful capitals in Europe. At present it has growing nightlife and it has been a shopping heaven that is regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The best way to reach Rome is by train. The main station is close to the historic centre. However, there are several outlying stations as well. It is also possible to come by bus or plane and use the public transport as Rome has an extensive bus and metro system. In case you plan to take a taxi, check the Rome Taxi Tips to avoid being overcharged.

Rome is often associated with the smallest state; the Vatican which is is only 0.44 square kilometres large and has a population of nearly one thousand which is headed by the Pope. Its centre is the magnificent St. Peter´s Basilica where the Pope recites the Angelus prayers every Sunday. This basilica is a must for anybody coming to Rome. However, remember to dress properly as it is not allowed to wear short skirts, shorts or sleeveless dresses inside. The state also includes splendid Vatican Museums. You are recommended to book online before your visit as there might be long queues which might require a great deal of energy and patience. However, Vatican Museum complex is the largest art collections in the world. There are many paintings, books, frescoes, and Greek, Etruscan and Roman statues. One of the most famous sights is the Sistine Chapel which was named after Pope Sixtus IV. The twelve paintings on the left represent scenes from the life of Jesus Christ while the left side of the chapel shows scenes from the life of Moses. The most famous fresco is the Chapel of the Last Judgment which was the perfect work done by Michelangelo.

Tourists are recommended to buy Roma Pass which is a special tourist-cultural card which enables them to use benefits like various discounts or services and make it easier and cheaper to enjoy Rome. In case you need any information during your tour there are Tourist Information Points almost everywhere.